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At TheConcierge, we believe that life is too short to deal with the problems that someone can handle efficiently on your behalf. Leave it to us, your discreet private assistant ready to help you anytime. More time will be left for your family, friends, hobbies, and career.

We are a team of well-coordinated, creative, and open-minded individuals, experienced and willing to help you use your time most effectively.

As our members, you will have access to unique services and products that allow you to make a big difference in your life and your lifestyle.

We consider ourselves to be the people who create opportunities for a more valuable life, and we will be glad to prove that to you.

Private clients

Family & Household

Chores such as cleaning, grocery shopping, finding handymen, washing your car, collecting your children from school, paying the bills and much more are taking up your time and energy because you simply cannot afford to forget them.

Leave it all to us. You certainly deserve the time to relax and have fun with your family as well as to have time for self-care. There might be times in your life when our assistance might come in especially handy – when you are expecting a baby or switching jobs and suddenly you find yourself having a lot more on your plate. Then it is only wise to ask someone for help. And when that help is quick, professional, and flexible, there isn’t a lot more you could get.

Are you or any of your relatives seeking support when going to the doctor’s? Do you need help when sourcing prescribed medicines from the pharmacy? Do you need to find an expert to provide a second medical opinion?

It might just be that you are new to Slovakia and do not speak Slovak, therefore it is quite complicated to communicate with the plumber, city officials or your landlord. Expat life anywhere may present some challenges that one might not expect. Then TheConcierge is right for the job.


Spend your free time on activities that you love doing and do not waste time on finding the ways how to do them. Do not squander your precious time – you do not need to hunt for the concert tickets because TheConcierge can do it for you. It does not matter whether it is a theatre performance, movie premiere, other cultural or sports event. From hockey to tennis, from standing tickets to the most exclusive VIP ones, everything is possible when you have TheConcierge.

Sometimes you want to surprise your beloved ones with a special dinner. Let us share our savoir-faire with you and suggest a spot that will exceed all your expectations. It does not have to be in your neighbourhood, not even in your hometown, you might be looking for a place in St. Tropez or Mexico City. Either way, we are ready to help you.

TheConcierge can plan all your events, tasty brunch in the morning, a cute baby shower in the afternoon and a wild birthday party in the evening. Or maybe a traditional wedding in a castle? Suit yourself, our team can handle them all.

With our help and gentle reminders, you will never forget about the present for your partner, colleague, or a good friend. We take care of the gifts – starting with creative tailor-made suggestions up until the purchase and delivery itself.


Experience extraordinary vacations, that you will never forget. A weekend in a spectacular family glamping, perhaps a relaxing wellness stay or an adventurous expedition? Tell us about your ideas and dreams and we will do our best to make them come true.

We can recommend the destination, find the best flight tickets, a private plane, or a yacht. A taxi from Mumbai airport to your hotel? Not a problem! We can also browse the hotels, hostels, vacation homes, villas, B&Bs, you name it. It is all completely up to you and your preferences. For those who prefer to go off the beaten path, do not hesitate to let us know, TheConcierge team can make it happen.

Make the most of your holiday, enjoy every single minute, and do not worry about anything because we will provide a complex itinerary tailored to your needs. TheConcierge can make sure that you come back to an immaculately cleaned home with your bills paid, deliveries collected and the fresh produce awaiting your return.

Extraordinary requests

There certainly are moments in life when you think of something and discard it because you think it is too crazy and impossible. You think you do not have time to try to make it happen because it seems to be that far-fetched. Those are the exact moments when you call your personal concierge, and they sort it out for you.

TheConcierge will source a particular car produced in limited numbers that might already be sold out. If you are a collector and you are missing a specific item in your precious collection, let us know. Give us a call if you need a poem translated from the creole language Patois. Have you seen your favourite actress with this die-for handbag but do not know where to find it? Drop us a line! Maybe surprise your mother with a first-class chef in her kitchen ready to cook her favourite meal. Complete your genealogy records with your great-grandmother’s father’s birthing certificate directly from the archives in Paris. Decorate your house with a local artist’s piece that you discovered on your holiday in Kyoto.

Whatever comes to your mind, TheConcierge has the right solution.

Corporate clients

Business trips & Events

Support your business with corporate trips and meetings which are perfectly organized to the last detail. Let TheConcierge team arrange it all when you need to meet your current or potential business partners in Slovakia or abroad. You can then concentrate fully on your presentation and ignore the minor, yet important, details that TheConcierge will take care of.

Personal assistant, virtual assistant, personal concierge… Why not have them all? TheConcierge will add greater value to your business fulfilling all these roles. A private chauffeur, an interpreter or even a personal bodyguard, all of that can be arranged if that is what you are looking for. 

If you are planning an event either for your customers, top managers, or employees, let us know and we will help you make your ideas become a reality. Whether it is a casual get-together in an unusual spot for your top clients or a summer party on a boat for your employees, you can kick back and relax because TheConcierge is on it.

Personal care

Motivate your employees to achieve better results and allow them to focus on their work tasks which are of great importance to you. TheConcierge will take care of their personal demands so they can fully concentrate on your company’s needs.

Be the best employer and offer first-class concierge services to every individual member of your management or any other employee. You will ease their everyday concerns, help them with their personal lives and they will be ready to tackle any work challenges that might arise.

It is a great advantage to have the TheConcierge team at your fingertips, particularly in times, when your employees are under time pressure because of an approaching project deadline. We can take care of everything for them: grocery shopping, dry cleaners, parcel collection, holiday bookings and the list goes on.

On-site concierge

Are you a hotelier, a property developer, a housing association, or a company with its own premises? Would you like to have TheConcierge right at your place? Our on-site concierge is always there for you and provides irreplaceable support to both your staff and your tenants.

People in your residential building will benefit from the presence of a well-trained professional who is there for them ready to help anytime. Higher comfort of living and more prestigious premises are only a few of the advantages. Our concierge always aims to satisfy your needs to the maximum extent, with emphasis on the highest quality and price efficiency of the suggested solutions. The local on-site concierge has the full support of our main office therefore you will receive access to an even broader variety of services.

Upgrade the services offered in your commercial building with the know-how of a professional on-site concierge. Your tenants will appreciate such exclusive benefit and the unmatched approach. Go for TheConcierge.

White label

Give your customers a special service which is not part of your core business but which they will certainly appreciate. In other words, white label equals our services under your brand. TheConcierge team takes care of everything necessary for you with an emphasis on top quality and absolute confidentiality. Your company is represented by the first-class service for your clients and your business is always one step ahead of the competition.

If you are looking to provide a hotline to your customers during their stay abroad or an emergency 24/7 service, TheConcierge is the right choice. Indulge your golf club members with our services and distinguish yourself from other clubs.

We will assist you with the demanding requests of your clients and customers. We will deliver impeccable service in all aspects of their lives. From then on, you will be recognized as their qualified and competent party even more. Concentrate on what you are good at and TheConcierge can help you grow in every other aspect.


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